Thursday, February 17, 2011

When New Meets Old...An Experiment

My D90 with late '70's 135mm "F" mount lens

About a week ago or so I decided to try a little experiment with my old equipment I used with the old Nikon "F".  I had read in an article a few weeks prior that most Nikon SLR cameras all share the same "F" style mount.  I decided to put this claim to the test, and without a hitch it worked just as described!  Obviously the camera had to be set to full manual mode, and I lost any lens functionality such as vibration reduction and auto focus, but the cool factor is what I was really going for here.  I have two older lenses that I used with the Nikon "F"...a 35mm and a 135mm, both 52mm's in diameter.  Both are relatively good lenses for their time, and 100% all prime!

Close up shot of the old 135mm lens

Once I figured out how to get the camera all setup and shooting with the old equipment, I had to take the generational hybrid for a test spin.  The sun had already gone down, but I decided to take the camera outside and give my manual skills a go.  I pointed my camera down my street and was quite pleased with the results...the picture actually makes my street look pretty cool!

I also had some macro lens filters for these old lenses, so I popped a couple of them on to see what kind of long range effect they would produce.  Knowing they were for macro, close, shooting, I was anxious to see what would happen...

135mm lens with 1x macro filter

As you can see, a relatively neat effect...At least Kate and I think so, anyway

135mm lens with 3x macro filter

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